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the grande at soho

Tampa's first "green" streetcars

For those of you interested in Tampa's future mass transit system, first take a look into the past. I found an interesting web page full of information about Tampa's original street car system. Go Here. The site also contains several links to other worthwhile rail sites. Check out the page that touts Tampa's street car's environmental qualities.

Superbowl XLII

Eisenman is a Giant's fan? It's not everyday that you see an article about an architect hidden in the sports pages. Eisenman and HOK's Arizona stadium will be on center stage, again.


your chance to design the George W Bush library

Although the library will be packed with children's books with pretty pictures, now is a great time to submit what your design ideas are for the "can't be former soon enough" president George W Bush library. Back of the envelop competition site.