some good news for the end of the year

-Ikea is coming! Still on schedule and with all approvals to move forward, Ikea should open early 2009.
-A livable downtown Tampa is still a few years away, but we are getting there. Some significant progress has been made in the last 2 years.
-The Tampa Museum of Art is finally back on the right track and moving forward.
-Additional funding is in place for the Children's Museum. From the renderings it should be quite a significant building in Tampa and designed by a local architect.
-The Riverwalk and the street car receive additional federal funding. Those earmarks are certainly nice when they help your community.
-The "No longer-Devil" Rays announce a plan to redevelop almost half of St. Pete. Check out this very informative website on their very ambitious, yet plausible plans. A mixed use community and a very cool waterfront stadium.
-Temple Terrace gains city council approval to move forward with their downtown redevelopment. (While not the best plan, at least it is moving forward.)
-Ybor city looking to begin a small business incubator.
-Seminole Heights to begin flirting with form based zoning.
-Hyde Park Village moves forward with its plans for redevelopment.

All of this leads one to wonder what Tampa 2012 will look like?


but are they registered

AIA will have its hands full, going after yet another person or company using the word architect without holding a proper license.


the city stands in the way AGAIN

Why is it so hard for anything to get built in Tampa?
The city is in decline, developer after developer step up to try and contribute to the urban fabric of the city, create modern urban villages and make the city better. And developer after developer have been basically told not in my city, invest your money somewhere else.
A 90 foot "tower" has the less than half of the Old Hyde Park neighborhood up in arms. "It will block the sun." It will be an eye-sore. My property value will drop."
Old Hyde Park is in the middle of the city, it is an urban neighborhood. It is supported by more than just the Hyde Park residents, it is supported by the entire city. The HPV needs to be revitalized, in order to be revitalized the developer needs to make money. (The city and taxpayers surely won't foot the bill.) If the developer needs 160 units to make the village better, give him 160 units and a 90' "tower".
Last night resident after resident came up and spouted their credentials, "I've lived here my whole life, went to Gorrie and Wilson." Those same people protested the first construction of Hyde Park Village and Kate Jackson Park. They will protest against anything and everything. the developer has compromised, the residents and city have not.
The city of Tampa needs help, and city council is consistently, whether they know it or not, voting to pull the plug.
Why not bring prosperity to the city, why keep holding on to 1980.
The vote is currently 3-2. Charlie Miranda who was absent will watch the public hearing and cast his vote on Thrusday. Hopefully with based on his prior pro-growth opinions, he will vote in favor of this project.
See more editorials here.
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patching the (historic) urban fabric

A point of contention in Ybor City for the last few years has been the Sheriff's office's "temporary" closing of 20th Street. Matters are coming to a head, as the office seeks a permanent closure of the street. Community residents and some city officials are speaking out against this, arguing disruption to the urban fabric and facilitating the wrong type of growth in Ybor. Is this growth warranted, or an imposition on the historic neighborhood? Are it's "9/11" motivations legitimate, or do you think there are other agenda involved?

If you're interested, the Barrios will be having a meeting to discuss next Thursday, Dec 20 at 9am. Ultimately, the decision falls to the City Council.

some art news

New art gallery in North Franklin area, after hours events at TMA and other art events. Article here.

new office building in Tampa

A new green office building to be built in downtown Tampa. Article has no mention of architect, article here.


cafe hey

The trib ran a story about Cafe Hey, a coffee shop owned by fellow architect, Chris Vela. Everyone should definitely check it out, good coffee and great morning muffins. Thanks Chris and Anne. Congrats on your "contribution to the urban fabric."
story here


An interesting blog post...

....about bending zoning and building codes in a prominent South Tampa neighborhood.