some good news for the end of the year

-Ikea is coming! Still on schedule and with all approvals to move forward, Ikea should open early 2009.
-A livable downtown Tampa is still a few years away, but we are getting there. Some significant progress has been made in the last 2 years.
-The Tampa Museum of Art is finally back on the right track and moving forward.
-Additional funding is in place for the Children's Museum. From the renderings it should be quite a significant building in Tampa and designed by a local architect.
-The Riverwalk and the street car receive additional federal funding. Those earmarks are certainly nice when they help your community.
-The "No longer-Devil" Rays announce a plan to redevelop almost half of St. Pete. Check out this very informative website on their very ambitious, yet plausible plans. A mixed use community and a very cool waterfront stadium.
-Temple Terrace gains city council approval to move forward with their downtown redevelopment. (While not the best plan, at least it is moving forward.)
-Ybor city looking to begin a small business incubator.
-Seminole Heights to begin flirting with form based zoning.
-Hyde Park Village moves forward with its plans for redevelopment.

All of this leads one to wonder what Tampa 2012 will look like?

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