MacDill media park

Interesting article in the Tampa Business Journal. A group of "creative" thinkers are banding together to come up with ideas to transform MacDill park in downtown. Macdill Park is just South of Kennedy and north of Whiting, on the Hillsborough River. The parcel is known as Section 12 of the riverwalk. Unfortunately, the Biz journal requires a subscription to view the article, but here's the link with a quick abstract. The full article was published on another blog found here.
The idea for the park is similar to Bryant Park in NYC with infrastructure for multi-media events.
They have set up a website for the park "redesign." http://www.designtampa.com/
It looks as though it is something that e-tba could help them out on. I'll try to contact them.


Anonymous said...

I saw this presentation beamed on a wall during party at Spark. Aside from the presentation the host arranged a series of post of notes to write down some feelings about the state of downtown Tampa. I think the presentation is 'public friendly' and definitely grabs attention.

I still think some of these ideas are icing on the cake but they are a good start. And just because you have landmarks it doesn’t mean you are safe on keeping crowds or further, livability. Most of landmarks/districts in Tampa are threaten by mismanagement and becoming purely privatized. We sound great tossing ‘district names’ (Ybor or Bayshore) but struggle to keep them accessible.

We just need our New Museum, detachment of 275 from Ashley:) (we got like 3 suites of interstate entry/exits within a mile) and then, the pretty stuff.

etba said...

we met with the design tampa group and offered our support. anyone interested in becoming involved drop me an e-mail and we'll let you know of the next meeting and give you more info. looks like it could become an exciting project, and could quite possibly lead to more projects further down the road.