Reality Check

There will be a presentation and briefing from the Tampa Downtown Partnership and Reality Check Tampa Bay to discuss the finding from the May 18th visioning exercise. Remember the event with the legos? Examples of the post-event reports and examples of the "lego tables
can be found here. Some really good ideas and some ...well... ideas.
It seems as though every group wanted the same things, mixed use communities, preserve natural resources and better transportation corridors. The true reality check is actually getting it done without ruining the vision through politics. Didn't we vote 6 years ago for the high-speed rail? Wasn't the Tampa Orlando corridor supposed to be completed by now?
The presentation will also include information on future events and workshops.
The cost is only $25 for non-members and is at 7:30 on August 29th at the Maestro's inside the Tampa Preforming Arts.
This is a great way for architects to shape the future of Tampa Bay rather than question why the city is so dysfunctional. Hope to see you there.

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