TMA Approval Featured in ArchRecord

The approval of our very own Tampa Museum of Art is featured in the news section of this month's Architectural Record.

And, if you haven't seen all of the renderings yet, you can check them out here.

What do you think about the design so far??? Is is fantastic? Is it lackluster?

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Anonymous said...

In my talks with him, Saitowitz is attentive and I think he is more capable to deliver something that could work better than previous attempts. But unless miracles happen I don't place much faith in an ANY design that is shrinking or 'phased'.

Personally it is a hipster box for this town. It is transparent with lights glorying its contents and youthfulness. It is not ashamed to speak or maybe make a desperate plea for a new beginning. And desperate pleas could work so well because most of the current architecture in Tampa is well…I won’t go there.

It is neither bad nor good, but I think it is something we need…a resurgence of public interest in downtown and belief that Tampa can actually get one of their 'many' urban projects done.