central park village plans unveiled

Found a link to some master planning images of the Central Park redevelopment area. The dates on the images are old, but these are the first images I have seen. The redevelopment area is immediately north of downtown. It is pretty much a link between downtown and ybor city.
The work is done by locals, Collman & Karsky. 2,000 residential units, retail, greenspace and a grocery store within 5 years? OK, sure...
The design is pretty typical Tampa, I was hoping for something cooler, but given the location and attention the project is getting, expected something exactly like this.
Hopefully this project will get off the ground unlike the seemingly stalled Heights project.
Thoughts? Concerns?


Anonymous said...

Please tell me they aren't copying the awful residences at franklin building in the background of image 3.

Noah said...

I think it's so important to infill this area and further stitch Ybor to downtown. While there's no shortage of housing properties right now, we'll continue to need more, and Central Park is ambitious in trying to mix low-income/middle-income tenants. What this site really needs is some mixed retail, without being one of these pop-up faux communities like you see in Westchase and the like. No idea if there are plans for this, but this location seems ideal for a full-size grocery store like Publix that can serve both Ybor and Channelside.