tampa park(ing) day

downtown will get a bit more green space, if at least for one day. here.


Anonymous said...

i love the idea of park[ing] day and the original one done in san francisco by REBAR was pretty cool... (see http://www.rebargroup.org/projects/parking for more)

however, the tampa one seems to be getting away from the original ideas... it is supposed to be an insurgent public space... from the creative tampa bay write up it sounds like they have gotten their pre-chosen parking space authorized by the city... and the fact that they are placing dogs and chess players in the space as a way to "show how a park can be used in a community for various activities" is completely ridiculous... the whole idea of park[ing] day is that it should be a space the people happen upon and then interact... it's not an exhibit!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Downtown Tampa does not like parks because homeless people ruin everything!

Darn those homeless people, yeah for the chess players and salon polished canines!