RFQ happening for Kiley Gardens?

(realized this was old when I was prompted about recent work happening)

It seems Kiley Gardens will be rebuilt but by minimal standards. What I do know is that there will be a true rooftop garden application (similar to the one used on at Rinker Hall at UF) which is exactly desired because a lot of the older leak problems related to poor construction. Further, I believe that the fountains/runnels will return though I am not sure how many. I do know that this project was suppose to be started in January and will be completed by October of 08.

I am going to attempt to find out more about the project, do a site visit today. If landscaping is going to be cut back (which is my gut feeling) I do have the original list of plants/trees that were intended for the park, found that list this morning. I also have a contact that is willing to donate some plants/trees if that possibility comes up. If anyone has further information, ideas or some more insight please contact at me at cmvela311@yahoo.com or post below.


nar said...

You wouldn't want to contribute plants/vegetation that are beyond the city's capacity for upkeep & maintenance.

Christopher Vela said...

Oh, of course not that is why I am hoping to work closely with the garden roof representatives.

Originally the park had some native plants. Weeping Willows, jasminodes and ilex. The problem was that the wrong specie of the crepe myrtles was used and I think the grass idea was a bit adventurous. As you noticed those 2 things had problems, either being removed or died off.

The crepe Myrtles are going to be pricey but there are plenty of jasmine and ilex to find here...and they love this climate.

I just got an email from a student in Mexico City who is doing a project about Kiley Gardens.

nar said...

I think it was a beautiful project. I'm willing to accept certain compromises in its restoration, because perhaps its design isn't as appropriate with the new park and buildings that will surround it. But I certainly hope it bears at least a direct resemblance of the original design.