Will this be the new home of the Tampa Bay Rays?

A street level view from 2nd Ave. S.

Aerial view from the north.

On Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Rays revealed their plans for a new stadium along the waterfront of downtown St. Petersburg. It's no surprise the HOK Sport is involved with the project, but what is slightly surprising is that they are going for the now typical retro look. The proposal includes a very tall mast and an innovative cable-stayed roof system. See more at the links below.

HERE is the Rays official website dedicated to the proposals.

HERE is the St. Pete Times' special page that is dedicated to their coverage of the proposed stadium plans.

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mike said...

The plan for the new stadium is all wrong. First, Augusta Block brick should be all around the inside of the field. The home run balls should go into the water down the left field line, called "The Beach." In right, there should be a 40 ft high wall called the "Red Monster" with the only marker in the majors in the 290's. The realignment would put the fans directly in back of home plate looking at the Tampa skyline. Boat slips for parking could be put on the far right of the field and far left. Game time could be at 8:00 to avoid heat and rain along with a retractable roof.